Sansys Collective
Running events, shooting videos and loving it since 2006
Concept Events
  1. Launch Party
    Launch Party
    Get your product launched with a bang. Our team will come in with original ideas and concepts. Location suggestions in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. We have created parties of many scales in and around the region.
  2. Multi Camera Set Up
    Multi Camera Set Up
    We own a large list of High Definition camera and video equipment available for rental and full solutions for your event.
  3. Official Events
    Official Events
    Large scale launch events are our teams' expertise. Our range of large scale events ranging from private to state events.

  1. Fabrication
    Developing a concept and customizing the props and fabrication is a strength we posses with confidence.
  2. Influencer Parties
    Influencer Parties
    With a long list of social media influencers, Sansys can tap on their social media reach to target the specific audience of the age group that you would like your product to focus on.
  3. Artiste Engagement
    Artiste Engagement
    The events market is always evolving and the popular acts may not necessarily be the best option for your events. We focus a lot on upcoming and potentially explosive acts, that can be performed at your event(s) and give you the credit of being the first people, to showcase them.
Our team is specialized in handling major events, Audio & Visual productions, and video productions. Having our equipment and a dedicated carpentry team, allows us to offer our clients much more competitive rates than others.

We are S6 Status Gebiz approved, allowing us to handle jobs costing up to $1 million.

We have been doing this since 2006 and have always tried to give our clients a different experience every time we create an event. 
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