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Logistics and Rentals

Sansys has a warehouse where we kept every item and AV equipment in good condition.

All items and equipment are ready for rental for your event and party needs. If we don't have it, we can build it especially for you.

  1. If you can imagine it, we can build it.
    If you can imagine it, we can build it.
    To create awareness for your event, you need to think of different and unique activities that gives you the added plus. We can certainly make it happen for you.
  2. Special Activities Rentals
    Special Activities Rentals
    We house some of the more interesting event based activity that can be catered to all ages. Our activities are designed to surprise and help raise brand awareness. Once we understand your needs, we cna create a unique experience for your guests.
  3. Sets and backdrops
    Sets and backdrops
    We have created sets and backdrops for many TV shows and large scale events. Using sustainable materials and recycling materials where possible. We have stored a series of items, in their prestine condition, from our previous set ups and events. We are happy to re-use these items for your sets or events.
  4. Highend party set up
    Highend party set up
    High end parties takes alot of effort and detail as the groups are smaller but the expectation is much higher. Sansys assist you with our arsenal of items from floral arrangements to table settings to International chefs or just a butlers apron. It's the details that matters
  5. Effective Customization
    Effective Customization
    Creating a statement or a talking point is a key aspect in any brand promotion be it for a new product or an exisitng that is fighting for eyeballs in the market. We can help develop such attention grabbing activity for your next launch.
  6. Game concept rentals
    Game concept rentals
    We carry a series of game sets. It can be rented striaght or customised for your event use.
  7. Self lighted furnitures
    Self lighted furnitures
    Lighted furnitures can certainly light up you event. We can cater lighted tables, chairs, balloons and Bar counters.
  8. Launch Mechanisms
    Launch Mechanisms
    Launching a store or a product can be costly. You can consider using some or our recycled launch products and do your part to save the earth by recycling. we assure you our items are in good condition.